Nationwide Tracking of Covid-19 Spread by Wastewater Based Epidemiology

Nationwide Tracking of Covid-19 Spread by Wastewater Based Epidemiology   This publication is prepared to introduce the concept of wastewater-based epidemiology (W... Read More

Improving Agricultural Water Use Efficiency in the Middle East

ISBN: 978-625-8451-33-7   Date: February 2022   The report, prepared as part of the Blue Peace Middle East initiative, focuses on water ... Read More

Water Governance in Turkey

Publication date: January 2021   The work presents information on water governance in Turkey.   English Version ( 30 pages - 1 MB) ... Read More


Publication Date: September 2020   Based on the feedback from the water and sewerage administrations in Turkey, the study results on the impacts of COVID-19 on wat... Read More


Publication Date: September 2020   The goal, methodology and outcomes are briefly presented with regard to the study, “monitoring of the novel coronavirus (S... Read More

Improving Irrigation Water Use Efficiency

This report, prepared as part of the Blue Peace in the Middle East initiative, presents a synthesis of options to support capacity development in "improving irrigation wa... Read More

SDG 6 and Turkey

Publish Date: March 2020   This brief report presents information on Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation) and Turkey’s achievem... Read More

IUSF Overview

The key messages and main outcomes of the Istanbul International Water Forums are presented as a synthesized report.   Download ... Read More

4. Istanbul International Water Forum (IUSF) Outcomes

This outcomes report presents information about the main components of the 4th IIWF organised on 10-11 May 2017, covering the opening session and thematic panels. The rep... Read More

Overview of the 4th Istanbul International Water Forum

Date: 2017   English Version (4 pages – 1.3 MB) ... Read More

Istanbul and Water

The report presents quick facts and summarized information regarding İstanbul's water resources, water use and governance.   Date: 2017   English Versi... Read More

Turkey and Water

The report presents summarized information regarding Turkey's water resources, water use and governance.   Date: 2017   English Version (36 pages &ndas... Read More

Turkey's Water Aid Perspective

The report reflects Turkey’s water aid perspective through existing mechanisms and activities, and envisages a model for an international water fund focusing on urg... Read More

3rd Istanbul International Water Forum Final Report

This report contains detailed information about all components of the 3rd IIWF, including Opening Sessions, Thematic Sessions and Side/Special Events. The report quotes t... Read More

Europe-INBO 2012 Report

This report compiles the main messages delivered by the speakers in the thematic sessions and regional meetings of the Europe-INBO 2012 Conference, which discussed the im... Read More

2nd Istanbul International Water Forum Final Report

This report gives detailed information about all sessions and activities held at the Forum and includes the main messages delivered at the Thematic Sessions and High Leve... Read More

An Istanbul Perspective on Bridging Divides for Water

This report is a collection of monographs synthesizing the 5th World Water Forum by the people working at the Secretariat. It is based on audio visual records of the Foru... Read More

5th World Water Forum Final Report

Provides a detailed overview on all the activities of the Forum week, including the Thematic Process, the Regional Process, the Political Process, High Level Panels, Civi... Read More

5th World Water Forum Analysis Report

his report was prepared with an intention to share the experiences gained with the organization of the 5th World Water Forum. It was intended to be a guide for future nat... Read More

5th World Water Forum Evaluation Report

Presents the results of the e-mail survey that was prepared to evaluate the Forum in terms of participant satisfaction with logistical issues, communication, Forum conten... Read More

Global Water Framework

Provides a compilation of the outcomes of the Forum, including the political statements, regional outcomes, thematic recommendations, Children’s Declaration and You... Read More
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