Training on Remote Sensing in Water Resources Management

The 2nd of the trainings organized by SUEN on remote sensing applications in water resources management was held under the theme of “Information Extraction from Satellite Images by Image Processing Techniques” between 5-7 July 2022 in Istanbul Technical University – Satellite Communications and Remote Sensing Implementation and Research Center (ITU-CSCRS).


The training was organized by SUEN in cooperation with ITU-CSCRS. The experts from General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works, General Directorate of Water Management, General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies, General Directorate of Agricultural Reform and General Directorate of Information Technologies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry attended the short course.


The training covered below topics:

  • Digital image processing and interpretation
  • Radiometric and geometric correction
  • Extracting information from an image by arithmetic operations and indexes
  • Image enhancement - principal component analysis, supervised and unsupervised classification
  • Thematic accuracy analysis
  • Change analysis by use of satellite images



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