WATERMED 4.0 - Pilot Study in Konya kicked off

SUEN, one of the partners in the WATERMED 4.0 project, funded by the PRIMA program (EU Horizon 2020), has commenced its pilot field study in Konya Closed Basin.


The study mainly centers upon the suitability of using treated wastewater for agricultural irrigation. Research will also include using agri-smart technologies (soil moisture sensors, etc.) to enhance water and energy efficiency in agriculture.


The pilot study focuses on production of corn and sugar beet using treated wastewater, which are among the most widely grown plants in the basin, as well as the most water consuming crops. As of May 2021, all preparations in the study area have been completed and both crops have been planted. Research in the field, for the plantation season 2021, will be carried out until the harvesting season (October-November) by continuous monitoring of water and soil quality, and plants’ conditions.


Additionally, socio-economic data is being collected from the study area in order to develop scenarios to improve the current agricultural practices by enhancing water use efficiency in agriculture. The pilot study is planned to continue through 2022, covering two sowing-harvest seasons.



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