Short Course on Irrigation Efficiency

November 20th, 2020


SUEN functions as the Coordination Office of the Blue Peace in the Middle East, an initiative with the long-term vision of transforming water into a potential instrument of cooperation and peace through concrete actions.


As nearly 80% of water is consumed in agriculture in the Middle East, the first working theme was chosen as agricultural water use efficiency. In this scope, one of the project components to be coordinated and implemented by SUEN is capacity development programs.


To this end, the first training program under the theme of “Modern Approaches to Improving Irrigation Water Use Efficiency” was held online on 17-19 November 2020 with the participation of irrigation experts from partner countries, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey.



Participants were informed in detail on below topics.


  • Crop soil water interactions and scheduling
  • Modern irrigation technologies and practices: surface, sprinkler, and drip irrigation
  • The challenges of managing large-scale irrigation schemes
  • Participatory irrigation
  • Developing capacity to plan, design, and manage future irrigation systems


Country experts made presentations on irrigation management and good practices in their countries to ensure exchange of country knowledge and experiences.

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