SUEN Joined the “Turkey-Iran-Iraq Cooperation” Symposium

SUEN joined the symposium “Turkey-Iran-Iraq Cooperation: Turning Challenges into Opportunities” held by İRAM (Center for Iranian Studies) between 30 November-1 December 2019 in Ankara. Three sessions have been held in the symposium titled “Political and Security Concerns in the Region: Possible Areas of Cooperation”, “Common Challenges in Energy and Environment: Are Win-Win Solutions Far Away?” and “Searching for Better Economic Relations: Trade and Investment Opportunities”.


Iraqi Ambassador Dr. Hassab Janabi and Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Farazmand, officers of the foreign ministries from Turkey, Iraq and Iran, academicians and bureaucrats attended the symposium.


Dr. Tuğba Evrim Maden has attended the meeting on behalf of SUEN and evaluated the water challenges in the region and cooperation processes in the session, “Common Challenges in Energy and Environment: Are Win-Win Solutions Far Away?”.


As a result of the meeting, the significance of cooperation in the water resources, efficient use of water resources, sharing of experiences and investments among the three countries in terms of stability and future of the region were highlighted.


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