Training to NGO’s Active in Africa

“Contributing to the development of necessary means and tools to enhance sustainable water policies and address global water challenges” and “organizing training programs at the national and international level” are two of the tasks mandated by the Presidential Decree No.4 for the establishment of Turkish Water Institute (SUEN).


Pursuant to the tasks, SUEN continues to organize capacity building programs to equip relevant professionals with the necessary knowledge. In collaboration with the Africa Health Studies Application and Research Center under the University of Health Sciences, a one-week training between 2-6 September 2019 was organized for the NGOs’ employees working in Africa related to the water sector.


Different topics were addressed as part of the program including cost-effective water and wastewater treatment techniques suitable in Africa, relation of health and water, principles of groundwater management and operation and groundwater activities of State Hydraulics Works (DSI) in Africa.


By similar programs, SUEN will continue to support the organizations in the mitigation of water scarcity and quality problems heavily experienced in Africa.


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