Water Issues and Solutions in Africa” meeting held at SUEN.

With the aim to address water issues and develop solutions and evaluate aid activities in Africa with a holistic perspective, representatives of non-governmental organizations working in the field and faculty members of the University of Health Sciences gathered in SUEN with the participation of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ) officials.



At the meeting held on 17 April 2019, the participants shared their experiences and suggestions in the field. Representatives of non-governmental organizations gave information about their assistance works and water projects in Africa. All institutions agreed to implement concrete joint projects in water scarce areas in Africa and establish a common database listing the activities carried out.

The importance of contributing to sustainable water supply and sustainability, giving priority to the technologies implementable by local people and selecting projects that are compatible with local climate and hydrological conditions were emphasized.
SUEN's capacity-building programs to the benefit of African water experts were highlighted and thus SUEN’s readiness for cooperation on training was once again reiterated. In this regard, with the collaboration of SUEN, DSİ and Water Foundation, it was agreed to deliver trainings on the topics such as water management, water treatment, water quality and water harvesting both for the people working in the field and institutions and individuals working in Turkey.


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