Agrinupes User Network Group Meeting and General Assembly Meeting Took Place in Konya

Funded under WaterWorks 2015 ERA-NET Co-fund call, AGRINUPES (Integrated Monitoring and Control of Water, Nutrients and Plant Protection Products towards a Sustainable Agricultural Sector) Project’s first national user network group meeting and M18 general assembly meeting took place at DSI’s 4th Regional Directorate facilities in Konya, on October 12-14, 2018.



The user network group meeting enabled introduction of AGRINUPES project to local stakeholders and potential end users on the first day of the organization. Representatives of irrigation unions, agricultural cooperatives, research institutions, regional agricultural authority and municipality participated the meeting. Participants shared their on-site experiences and observations related to misuse of nutrients, pesticides and water resources and embraced AGRINUPES’ NPK and pesticide sensors as useful tools.


On October 13, the AGRINUPES project partners gathered for the closed general assembly meeting to discuss the project outcomes achieved so far, as well as the future activities planned ahead. On the following day, the project team visited the agricultural sites and irrigation facilities in Konya closed basin where a pilot study will be conducted during the following months.


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