4. Istanbul International Water Forum Has Started

The main theme of the WATER and PEACE 4. International Water Forum began at İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Palace.



4th Istanbul International Water Forum (IIWF) will address the water-related challenges and management practices in response to demographic pressures triggered by displacement, as well as the opportunities for cooperation over water as a means of peace.


Within the wider context of “Water and Peace”, the 4th IIWF will discuss the subjects of urban water management, financing mechanisms, water-related relief actions, legal aspects and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a specific focus on the refugee issue. There will be ample exchange of experiences and success stories on the challenge of providing water and sanitation services to refugees in host countries.



The focus areas of the Forum include “water for peace”, “meeting the SDGs in turbulent times”, “water relief actions”, “challenges of urban water management”, and “water and sanitation provision to Syrians in Turkey”.


Representatives of policy makers, local governments, water authorities, humanitarian authorities, researchers, academics, watershed commissions, international organizations and non-governmental organizations are participating in the Forum



As a triennial event held one year prior to each World Water Forum, the 4th IIWF will aim to provide valuable remarks to the 8th World Water Forum, which will be held in Brazil in 2018.


Special Session: Syrians Under Temporary Protection in Turkey and Water Management


This special session will examine the water and sanitation services provided to the Syrians who are under temporary protection in Turkey, discuss the difficulties in water management and evaluate the implemented practices. In this context, the results of the preliminary study for the determination of the present situation that has been carried out by SUEN together with the institutions serving in the water field in the six border provinces where the Syrian population is concentrated will be presented. Representatives of relevant institutions such as municipalities, water and sewerage administrations, the Ministry, Prime Minister’s Disaster and Relief Agency (AFAD) and humanitarian organizations will participate the session as speakers.


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