Stakeholder Analysis Workshop for the Beyşehir Lake Sub-Basin

Within the scope of the "Gap Analysis Study for Water Resources Management in the Beyşehir Lake Sub-Basin" project jointly performed by SUEN and Selçuk University, a Stakeholder Analysis Workshop was held on 18.11.2016 in the 8th Regional Directorship of Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs (Konya).


A total of 50 people from local, regional and national level institutions and organizations participated in the workshop. The results of the stakeholder analysis work carried out by SUEN specialists and project members Asst. Prof. Vakur Sumer, Assoc. Prof. Bilgehan Nas and Asst. Prof. by Fadim Yavuz were reevaluated with the participants. The afternoon session of the workshop elaborated the existing administrative, environmental and socio-economic problems and possible solutions in the Beyşehir Lake Sub-Basin through group discussions. The workshop was attended by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Livestock and its regional, local and affiliated directorates, Konya Public Health Directorate, Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Beysehir District Gendarmerie Command, District Directorships of Agriculture and Livestock from Beyşehir, Şarkikarağaç, Derbent and Hüyük, Presidency of KOP and MEVKA Development Agency and other local institutions as well as Mayor of Beyşehir and Yenişarbademli City Council members.

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