SUEN and Selcuk University continue to cooperate on Lake Beyşehir project

Jointly implemented by SUEN and Selcuk University, the "Gap Analysis for Water Resources Management in the Beyşehir Lake Sub-Basin” project continues with face-to-face meetings among the stakeholder organizations towards identifying any overlapping issues between institutions working on water management and water policy, determining the steps to be taken, enhancing coordination and developing strategies to ensure the sustainable management of water resources within the pilot region.



The project involves interviews with relevant stakeholders engaged in water management at national, regional and local scale. First meetings were held in four district governorships in Beyşehir, Hüyük, Derbent and Derebucak, with the participation of officials from Food, Agriculture and Lvestock District Directorates, Chambers of Agriculture, irrigation and fishery cooperatives, local government units, related municipal offices and Regional Directorates of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs. Officials of Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, DGs of Water Management, Nature Conservation and National Parks, Combatting Desertification and Erosion and Meteorology were interviewed in Ankara. Local offices of central institutions are being visited. Meetings with the other related organizations will be completed within this month. Forthcoming meetings will be held in the district governorships of Yenişarbademli and Şarkikaraağaç. The project aims to overcome the water management problems and bring solutions with the stakeholders in the Beyşehir Lake Subbasin. In this context, SUEN will organize a stakeholder workshop next month. The project will be completed by 04.12.2016.


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