SUEN President Prof. Dr. Lütfi Akca Joined an Interview on Tarım TV

SUEN President Prof. Dr. Lütfi Akca joined a live interview on November 30th on Tarım (Agriculture) TV, hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, sharing his views under the theme of “Reflections of the Global Water Agenda on Agriculture”. Prof. Akca emphasized the necessity for effective, efficient, and appropriate water usage in agriculture, highlighting that the major factors affecting global water management are global climate change, water pollution, and groundwater.


Stating that 99% of usable fresh water comes from groundwater, Prof. Akca emphasized that groundwater serves as a 'bank' of water resources. Additionally, stressing the vital importance of food and water security, he underlined the efficiency of agricultural irrigation, efficient irrigation techniques, and the need for basin-scale water management.


Highlighting the significance of the newly established National Water Board by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Prof. Akca gave update on the current status of the Water Law and Flood Law that are in draft phases. Furthermore, he mentioned the necessity to enhance the technical capacities of Irrigation Associations, stating that improvements in this regard would lead to better management of the agricultural sector.


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