A Short Course on Transboundary Water Cooperation

June 3rd, 2021


A short online course was organized between 1-2 June 2021 by Turkish Water Institute (SUEN) on the theme of “transboundary water cooperation and water diplomacy” to the benefit of experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry Water, Irrigation and Energy of Ethiopia.


Different topics under the central theme were covered with the goal to share Turkey’s knowledge and experiences:


  • Water Diplomacy: Water as a Tool for Cooperation
  • Water Governance in Turkey
  • Transboundary Water Cooperation: Exploring Linkages
  • International Water Agenda: Actors and Institutions
  • Different Tracks of Diplomacy: How to benefit from Alternative Tools
  • Learning from International Experiences


In the final discussion session of the program, the Ethiopian delegation made a presentation on their current situation, experiences and challenges with regard to transboundary water management to facilitate exchange of knowledge and experiences between the two countries.



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