Our Activities

Our Activities

SUEN's activities in the national and international contexts can be grouped under the following titles:


  • Providing consultancy to decision-makers in determining Turkey's water policy.
  • Organizing national and international conferences on issues related to water.
  • Contributing to the implementation of decisions that result from high-level meetings attended by the decision makers and water ministers of participating countries.
  • Organizing the Istanbul International Water Fora.
  • Organizing training programs on drinking water and wastewater characterization and treatment systems.
  • Contributing to the development of Turkey's water strategy.
  • Conducting research activities on EU-compliant projects.
  • Organizing trainings on international cooperation and information transfer.
  • Generating information, strategy and ideas on water.
  • Representing Turkey at international water platforms.
  • Providing funding for national and regional research, development and innovation activities.
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