Global Wastewater Initiative (GW2I)

Launched by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in May 2013, the GW2I, UN agencies, international organizations, Governments, scientists and private sector with major groups and stakeholders in the management of wastewater and consists of a comprehensive, effective and sustainable programs for laying the foundations of development (information, tools and policy mechanisms) is a global multi-stakeholder platform that aims to create. GW2I, which operates as a network of voluntary stakeholders, develop a common effort to resolve the problem of waste water and waste water management among stakeholders, does not affect negatively the environment and biodiversity, including information technologies, aims to share experience and best practices.  SUEN GW2I is a partner initiative and head of two year in 2015 while SUEN GW2I was elected as President of the Board of Directors of the partnership.


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